Saratoga Springs Honors First Responders and Hospital Staff

Neighbors On White Street Clap For First Responders

This is a link to a WNYT news story on Saratoga Springs Police and Fire honoring Saratoga Hospital staff (This video did not embed. Maybe WNYT is blocking this function?).

Let’s all practice social distancing, hand washing, etc. Remember that our failure to protect ourselves puts the people who must save us into danger.

3 thoughts on “Saratoga Springs Honors First Responders and Hospital Staff”

  1. Fun piece, JK.
    Doesn’t clapping spread the virus through the air?

    Where are the first responders on White Street?

    We’re all getting sucked into the grand delusion.
    Maybe, not all of us.

    Not Gerald Celente.

    Love to chat but we have to buy sneeze guards for the voluntary compliance thing.
    Remember…it’s all on a voluntary basis thus far.
    The Batwoman and Robin are skating on thin ice with their ultimatums.

    We are in a constitutional crisis.
    They best be advised, not to cross the line.
    Question is: Who’s advising them? Where’s legal?

    The end game is seems to be to halt all entrepreneurial activity.
    And it’s working.

    Notice how many “essential businesses” are left on Broadway?
    Imagine realizing you’re non-essential.
    Psychologically, that can’t be a good thing.

    Mrs. London’s last one standing.
    G-d bless Michael, Wendy and Max.
    Go get a coffee and a canolie and help keep their doors open.
    “Use it or lose it.;”as they say.

    It’s about something called enterprise, folks.
    And that is what they are after.
    Our enterprise.

    Now, if we can all just figure out who “they” are, exactly.

    JC πŸ˜•


  2. Only you Justin, only you.

    “The Batwoman and Robin are skating on thin ice with their ultimatums.”

    Just letting you know, I get it.


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