City Release Update: More Closures

For Release: Immediate Date: March 16, 2020


Saratoga Springs Update on New York State-Wide Restrictions

Saratoga Springs, N.Y. – Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly provides an update on new statewide restrictions announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo:

In conjunction with New Jersey Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut Governor Phil Murphy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a series of state-wide restrictions in a press conference that will go into effect at 8 PM on Monday, March 16, 2020.

These restrictions will apply to all Saratoga Springs businesses until further notice. They include:

 A limit on crowd capacity for recreational and social gatherings to 50 people. o This follows updated guidance that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued yesterday recommending the cancellation or postponement of in-person events consisting of 50 people or more.  Restaurants and bars will close on-premise services and move to take-out and delivery only. o These establishments will be provided a waiver for carry-out alcohol.  Movie theaters, gyms and, casinos will temporarily close.

These new restrictions have been deemed necessary by Governor Cuomo amid a lack of national uniform standards. He said, “New York is partnering with our neighboring states to implement a uniform standard that not only keeps our people safe but also prevents ‘state shopping’ where residents of one state travel to another and vice versa. I have called on the federal government to implement nationwide protocols but in their absence we are taking this on ourselves.”

Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly and Commissioner of Public Safety Robin Dalton agree with the Governor, adding “Saratoga Springs is known for being a destination city, including our renowned restaurants and tourist attractions, but nothing is more important than the health and safety of our City’s most cherished resources: its residents and workers. Only by working with the state and federal governments can we ensure that we will remain a safe, healthy, and vibrant city.”

Hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and other essential businesses will remain open until changed by a further order.

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