City Issues Updated Press Release Re COVID-19

[JK: I received this press release today (Sunday March 15, 2020)]

CITY HALL 474 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Telephone 518-587-3550

Meg Kelly Mayor

Robin Dalton Commissioner of Public Safety

For Release: Immediate Date: March 15, 2020


Saratoga Springs Officials Release Update on City Operations All essential services will continue including Fire, Police, and outside DPW operations.

Saratoga Springs, N.Y. – Mayor Meg Kelly and Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton provide an update to City services, as well as the community resources available for the public:

The City Council announced on Friday, March 13 that the City of Saratoga Springs has declared a State of Emergency. City Hall offices will be closed to the public beginning Monday, March 16 until rescinded by a further order.

The City Police Department, Fire/EMS Department, and vital Public Works staff will continue to operate as normal. If you have a lifethreatening emergency, please call 911. Call your health care provider FIRST if you have any concerns over your health and possible exposure to COVID-19.

The City Council will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on March 17, but the public will not be allowed to attend in person. The public is encouraged to email Mayor Kelly’s office at with any questions or comments they would like to have entered into the record. City Council meetings will be live streamed through our website and our Facebook page.

The City Land Use Boards are cancelled for at least the next two weeks, including the March 27 meeting.

City Department Contacts:

 Accounts Department: o 518-210-3243 (Marilyn Rivers, Director of Risk and Safety)  Mayor’s Department: o 518-414-2118 (Lisa Shields, Deputy Mayor)  Public Safety Department: o 911 (Emergency) o 518-584-1800 (Police Department Non-Emergency) o 518-587-3599 (Fire Department Non-Emergency) o 518-265-6485 (Eileen Finneran, Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety)  Public Works Department: o 518-584-3356 (Department Dispatch)  Finance Department: o Finance will be communicating regarding City payments (taxes, utility bills, etc.). Please check the City website for updates

Residents are encouraged to visit the City’s website at to receive updates on City operations. Parking tickets, utilities and taxes are payable online via the “Make a Payment” link on the City Website’s homepage.
Information Links:

Health Care —

Courts —

Schools — The Saratoga Springs School District is closed effective immediately through Sunday April 19.

Please visit the City’s website at to receive updates on City operations.

One thought on “City Issues Updated Press Release Re COVID-19”

  1. JK:
    When citizens hear State of Emergency, it triggers stress.
    What does it mean? Does it mean only City Hall is closed? Does it mean we cannot park on the streets, even tho we don’t have a snow storm? Does it mean we are about to be in a lockdown?
    And….why are our city leaders using their personal FB accounts to communicate this emergency to the public? How many seniors have computers? Yes, it’s on the city website, but…….
    It’s well documented that our mayor and Public Safety Comm. like to use FB, but maybe a new strategy could be implemented for the general population?


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