Apparently The Outgoing Republican Administration In Milton Wiped The Town’s computers including even the software like Microsoft Word

Great story by Wendy Liberatore for the Times Union on possible sabotage by the outgoing Supervisor of the town of Milton (our neighbor to the Southwest).

A slate of reformers led by Republican Benny Zlotnick who ran on the Democratic line defeated the endorsed Republicans who ran the town in an extraordinary election.

Now, as it turns out, someone from that administration wiped out the town’s computers before the turnover to the challengers. This included not only all the documents but even the software like Microsoft Word. It is unclear whether there are backups that can be restored.

The New York State Archive laws require municipalities to maintain key public documents. It is unclear what criminal laws may have been violated including the destruction of town property.

This has to be filed under bizarre. It is really hard to believe that someone would do something like this intentionally. Efforts by the Times Union to reach Ostrander were unsuccessful.

7 thoughts on “Apparently The Outgoing Republican Administration In Milton Wiped The Town’s computers including even the software like Microsoft Word”

  1. It is not that hard to believe. Establishment Republicans in Saratoga County are not known for their history of losing graciously.

    Chris Mathiesen

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    1. Hey Jeff,

      Don’t believe it.
      We can “wipe” all the computers in our businesses; so what?
      Those of us with half a brain are still in business.

      Unless, of course, there existed no plan-B and no “hard-copies…” IE: files.
      Only a mentally insane group of people would keep everything, completely on hard-drives or “the cloud.”

      My, my, my.
      So, this is the new millenial reality.
      Where’s my phone!?!

      We’re doomed.

      -JC 😦


      1. Justin,

        It will be interesting to see what kind of backup plan was in place. How well do you think a small town government prepares for data loss? Even if it is all recoverable, there is still wasted time and dollars to do the data recovery and re-installation of their production software.


    2. Jeff–

      In answer to your excellent comment about “what backups are in place;” in a small town,
      Aunt Bea and the Blue Harired Ladies Auxiliary comes to mind.
      At least they come with a good beef brisket and freshly made apple pie.

      Well, it’s Milton.
      Could as well be Moreau.
      (Ouch–No disrespect to Todd’s mom!!!)

      Good retorts, all.

      -JC 😉


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