Gazette: Update To City Open Space Plan and Study of Saratoga Lake

Stephen Williams has covered Saratoga Springs for the Gazette Newspaper for decades.  His long experience and his fairness make him an outstanding reporter.   Given the continual retrenchment in newspapers we are very lucky to have him as a resource.

He has written two recent stories with environmental dimensions.

City To Update Its Open Space Plan

His stories in the Gazette are behind a paywall.  I urge the readers of this blog to subscribe to the digital version of the Gazette so they can read Mr. Williams’ full stories.  Here are some highlights from the story on the update to the city’s open space plan that appeared on January 1.

It has been fifteen years since the city updated it open space plan.  In 2002 city voters approved a bond issue allowing the city to borrow $5,000,000.00 which was used for a number of projects including the development of the city’s waterfront park on Saratoga Lake and the purchase of an easement for the Pitney Farms project.  This money has now been exhausted.

The city has now contracted with the firm M. J. Engineering and Surveying of Clifton Park for $44,600.00 to update the open space plan. 

The story reported that:

“The update will establish criteria for the spending of funds, inventory available open space and discuss opportunities for land preservation, parks, and lands for both active and passive recreation, according to the request for proposals.”

The updated plan will be important in seeking moneys for additional projects such as the development of the Greenbelt Trail around the city.

Saratoga Lake Study

Here is a link to the full story.

The Regional Economic Council has awarded two grants to the town of Stillwater to study Saratoga Lake. 

$45,000.00 has been made available by the Department of State to identify where excess nutrients and sediment are coming from.  They pose a threat to the health of the lake.

$30,000.00 coming from the Department of Environmental Conservation will be used to reduce and treat stormwater runoff. 

In Williams’ article he quotes the Supervisor for Stillwater:

“We’ve been applying for anything and everything that could help us deal with water quality issues in the lake,” said Stillwater Town Supervisor Ed Kinoski. “We’re looking for the best possible means to catch whatever we can coming into the lake, whether it is soil or nutrients.”

There is a lot more in the article and it is well worth reading the entire story.

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