It’s Election Season: Sign Snatching Commences

So the political season has apparently officially begun with one of our political lawn signs disappearing from in front of our house at mid-afternoon today in what was apparently a series of daring daytime snatchings citywide.

Steve Mittler,  candidate for Supervisor, left a message for sign stealers in one of his signs he replaced on Lake Avenue.

5 thoughts on “It’s Election Season: Sign Snatching Commences”

  1. OMG!
    What are ya gonna do? (Roll Ghost Busters theme here.)

    One neighbor said they cheapen the city and should only be up 2 weeks before an election.
    Problem is that after the election, a lot of them are still up.

    AND– why are there signs placed in front of vacant properties?

    Plastic signs DO NOT get recycled.
    Just like doggie poop in those cute green baggies.
    (They lie folks — they’re methane-bombs lol.)

    They serve no good-end, except to tag the property owners pro or con.
    At least we know who’s who in the hood, eh?


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