City’s First Pass At Downtown Bike Lanes

This is the view of the temporary two way bike lanes down Henry Street from Lake Avenue (you can see Scallions on the left) set up to test this as an urban segment of the Saratoga Greenbelt trail. [See the previous post for more details of this experiment.]

3 thoughts on “City’s First Pass At Downtown Bike Lanes”

  1. Riding south on Henry Street from Circular Street to Spring Street is now somewhat dangerous making the transition across Lake Ave into the proper lane only to dead end at Spring St. I’m all for more bicycle lanes but the situation on South Broadway might be a better place to look to enhance bicycle safety and welcome bicycle riders into our city.


  2. I parked on Lafayette to go to library . The left turn off of that street onto Henry was very tight and there are no weather conditions to contend with at this time. Also, I can’t imagine it is easy getting to any of the businesses on Henry street in the other direction.


  3. It’s unusual for any city to have two consecutive streets one-way, Phila and Caroline. Now add to the mix, another one-way between those two streets. Biking is fun, and more bike lanes are needed, but this particular one is going to be a challenge, especially for tourists who are not familiar with our quirks. Best of luck with it, I hope it works.


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