Libertarian Party Announces Its Slate


For Release: September 7, 2019 12:01AM

 Saratoga Springs, NY – The Libertarian Party of Saratoga County has nominated the following candidates for elected office:

 Robin Dalton – Commissioner of Public Safety – City of Saratoga Springs

Stephen Mittler – Supervisor – City of Saratoga Springs

Phil Barrett – Supervisor – Town of Clifton Park

Ray O’Conor – Town Board – Town of Wilton

Kirk Woodcock – Highway Supervisor – Town of Wilton

David Towne – Town Justice – Town of Wilton

Matthew Coseo – Town Justice – Town of Wilton

 These candidates will appear on the ballot under the Libertarian Party line this November.

“Our committee did great work in a short period of time, interviewing every single candidate that requested our endorsement, said Libertarian Party Chairman Rob Arrigo.  “In the end we felt that these candidates best represented the Libertarian values of smaller government and more personal freedom.  We look forward to helping them win in November.”



About the Saratoga County Libertarian Party

The Saratoga County Libertarian Party was granted official interim county organization status by the New York State Libertarian Party on Sunday, June 30th.  The county committee filed its bylaws with the board of elections on July 3rd, making their status official according to New York State Election Law. The Libertarian Party of New York became an officially recognized political party in NYS when gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe earned more than 90,000 votes statewide during the 2018 election.  




7 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Announces Its Slate”

  1. Since the local Republican Party seems intent on finding Socialists and the local Democratic Party are on the hunt for misogynists with the Me Too Movement, maybe finding someone outside the mainstream political parties is a good idea. Things can’t get any worse since it seems that the two parties are not focused on the needs of the city rather than extraneous issues that have nothing to do with the local voters. Isn’t this how Donald Trump got elected? It seems that our educational system in this country and the teachings of civics has failed. One should be concerned about the two main parties locally and nationally. Oh yeah, then you have the anarchists trying to change the form of government.


    1. Not everyone under their chosen flags are focused on extraneous issues. There is a lot of good work going on locally, in spite of the clattering disruptions.

      The occupier of the White House got elected in part because of apathetic responses to candidates and a failure for many to grasp the forest for the trees. What we ignore, we empower and if it’s the prize, then we are complicit


  2. Jim–the spelling error you refer to was in the press release we received. We don’t change anything in the releases we post.


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