Murphy Lane’s Virtual Barn: The Parking Signs Are Up

The parking signs are up on Murphy Lane.

Readers will recall that the latest chapter in this controversial property’s history involved ads indicating there were two parking spaces on this property when only one had been approved.

The city has put up signs at the entries to Murphy Lane at each cross street it passes through. In addition, the neighbor across the alley from the virtual barn who has had to suffer the brunt of the many inconveniences caused by this “conversion”,  has put up his own parking notification sign. His sign sets out the city’s zoning requirements for a parking space.

In the meantime, the Zillow posting for the property no longer claims the property has two parking spaces but instead indicates there is one offsite parking space presumably anywhere the new owner can find a spot on a neighborhood street. I guess that is progress.

3 thoughts on “Murphy Lane’s Virtual Barn: The Parking Signs Are Up”

  1. It is interesting that the sign gives its authority to the state wherein the enforcement of the prohibition lies within the jurisdiction of the local police department. Why was this lane not posted as a fire lane restricting parking within its rights-of-way as most other alleys and lanes in the city?

    It appears to be an informational sign like stopping at crosswalks. Why not a fire lane control?

    As for the other informational sign, don’t count on holiday invitations.


  2. Jim–interestingly there is a No Parking Fire Lane sign on the portion of Murphy Lane that stretches from Cottage to Clark but not on the portion from Clark to Stratton where the virtual barn was created.

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  3. Yes, very interesting (Arte Johnson). The informational sign implies a state regulation but doesn’t quite convey the import of a local public safety and code enforcement statute. Notwithstanding, state laws are enforced by local authorities and a continuation of the Fire Lane prohibition may have been a more intimidating option. Perhaps, it’s because most fire apparatus have the ability to plow through an errant vehicle if need be.

    I hope they didn’t make this sign especially for this matter, when it is quite possible they have other less ostentatious ubiquitous fire lane signs available that would blend in with the rest of the neighborhood and not appear to be retaliatory.


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