Charter Organizers Evade Responsibility For Petitioning Error

On August 3 Common Sense, Saratoga posted a notice that their proposal to change the Saratoga Springs city government to a city manager form would not appear on this year’s ballot. Rather than graciously admit that they had not researched the deadlines properly they claimed that new state laws made it impossible for them to fulfill the requirements to get their charter change proposal on the ballot in time. This is from their statement:

While the group’s initial intention was to place the proposition on the November 2019 ballot, changes in the Election Law enacted by the legislature this year made it impossible to provide enough time for all the legal milestones and intervals to occur within the time available.

But changes to the NY State Election law were made in January allowing them plenty of time to gather petition signatures and follow all the necessary procedures. Instead Bob Turner announced in the July 24th edition of the Gazette, that they needed to collect 2,000 signatures by August 1.This did allow enough time to complete the steps necessary to get their proposition on the ballot.

The simple fact is that they failed to properly research the deadlines and to allow sufficient time for the process before they initiated their petition drive.  The root of their problem was their failure to be rigorous. Not taking responsibility for their error only serves to further damage their credibly.


8 thoughts on “Charter Organizers Evade Responsibility For Petitioning Error”

  1. Not having the Skidmore students around has left the White Walkers no choice but to wait for their return in order to get the number of signatures they need. This privilege that the White Walkers has is unsportsmanlike and a flanking maneuver that this blog has helped to exploit.

    For the Thronies: “Winter is coming. Night gathers, and now my watch begins.”


    1. The problem was not a shortage of signatures. They had gathered enough.
      The problem was that they did not allow for the additional steps required following the submission of those signatured. It is not clear they were even aware of the required steps.


    2. NMWW—re: your recent comment
      “exploit”: make full use of and derive benefit from
      I don’t understand what you meant when you wrote that this blog has “helped to exploit” the White Walkers’ use of Skidmore students.


  2. Admitting a mistake would add credibility to their cause. The writer of this blog frequently admits to reporting any inaccuracy, no matter how diminutive in nature. Truth is the softest pillow to rest on.


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