Advocates For Charter Miss Deadline- Referendum Delayed A Year

I am still unclear about the details but apparently the organizers of the city manager charter petition drive (the people involved refuse to disclose who the organizers are but I understand that Gordon Boyd, Pat Kane, Bob Turner, and Ann Bullock are among the leadership), misunderstood the law and will have to wait until the next general election to get their proposal on the ballot.

This year New York  made a number of changes in state election law.  Among the changes was the deadline for getting a proposition on the ballot in order to address the problem of securing ballots for military and oversees voters. The deadline was moved up from thirty-six days to three months before the general election changing  the date from approximately October 1 to August 5.

As I understand it, in addition to getting the signatures in to the city (they needed about 1,200 valid signatures), the Accounts Office was required to go through the petitions to check the names and then the City Council had to take some sort of action. The charter organizers just did not allow enough time to complete  all of these requirements by the new deadline.

One thing helpful to the organizers is that apparently the signatures gathered so far will still be good when they are submitted for the next election.

New York State election law is very complicated. I cannot help but make the snarky observation that the advocates should have had the good sense to work closely with an attorney who specialized in this kind of law to avoid an error like this.

It is also worth noting that the organizers’ website Common Sense, Saratoga has not acknowledged the missed deadline.  This disinterest in transparency is an ongoing theme.

6 thoughts on “Advocates For Charter Miss Deadline- Referendum Delayed A Year”

  1. It would appear that the inarticulate captain America and the dissidents of darkness are foiled again by their own egotistic hubris and flawed planning. I can hardly wait for the justifications and accounting for this debacle by the anonymous4. Then again, they’ll always have Watertown.

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  2. Isn’t Ann Bullock a lawyer, I would think she would of made sure she was versed in this new law since she is one leading the charge.

    Well, this explains an awful lot about their inability to accurately understand the Sci-Fi contract. Sigh.

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  3. I find it interesting that these people continue to keep their pages up both on facebook and dotcom. I find neither of them credible. So few comments are there. It leads me to believe that they are deleting everything so only their point of view is available. Yes, there are a few token comments in order to make people think they are legitimate but anyone who knows how these things work would know with a city this size there should be some debating or critical thinking going on…and it does not exist. I guess it could be that no one cares or believes what they have to say, that would be a good thing. Using Thomas Paine to sway ..or shape people’s thinking is NOT working. Thomas Paine was a much much better man …and spoke to the people honestly. CSS is our local CNN!


  4. Unfortunately this is just the latest display of sloppiness and inattention to detail on the part of the charter backers. This is just one more instance of their failure to understand or bother to find out how government actually works. Sending supporters out to circulate petitions without bothering to check the election calendar should raise questions in the public’s mind about the quality of the charter they have created to govern the city and the value of their promises of what their new government will bring to Saratoga Springs.

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