Hicks Campaign Responds To Police Incident

I received the following email from Robert Millis on behalf of Kendall Hicks:

Our statement remains, as-published.

Further, I fail to see the merits of your “radically inconsistent” claim.

The fact is: the witness failed to appear and testify under oath, the alleged victim denied the narrative, the DA felt it wouldn’t hold up in court and a Judge concurred. Charged were dropped is the bottom line.   Later, a Military review and agreed and took no disciplinary action of any kind.



26 thoughts on “Hicks Campaign Responds To Police Incident”

      1. Oh please, Johnnie – this has nothing to do with racism. SEXISM is what is at play here – this response from the campaign says it all….

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  1. Lie #1 – The alleged victim denied the narrative. Let me clear this up for you Robert Millis and Kendall Hicks, the victim said, “she would not cooperate for fear of retribution”. Do you understand the difference? She just didn’t want him to keep beating her, at no point did she try to convince anyone that it didn’t happen.

    The victim does not deny it and here’s the real surprise..apparently, neither do you! You two pigs are bragging about how there wasn’t enough evidence to convict as if it’s something to be proud of. Sorry boys, we don’t play like it’s 1952 here and just turn the other cheek while your girlfriends fall down the stairs again.

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  2. Apparently Antifa people are not only okay with using aggressive tactics on people they don’t agree with – but vulnerable women as well. Add to that the hypocrisy of their anti-government stance, because they are only anti-government when it suits them.

    Clearly the alleged victim did not feel safe going forward with legal proceedings, and the alleged criminal is happy to hide behind the government’s inability to go forward without witnesses and testimony. Throw in his privilege of being protected by the referenced “military review”, which he is using to bolster his argument of no wrongdoing, and voila! She is the one who is wrong?

    At the very least – the police report shows a hot temper and lack of judgment and every telltale sign of domestic abuse. Why should we vote for a domestic abuser for an elected official of Public Safety?

    I’m going to say no to the bully.

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  3. We have a flag on the play…

    “Charged (sic) were dropped is the bottom line.”
    “… the end of the matter as far as I’m concerned.”

    While one can salute the strategy and tactics of getting out front of an issue, particularly one like this, with an ‘ick’ factor off the charts, Mr. Hicks and his campaign have absolutely no standing to say as to when this matter is closed. That the discussion has ended. That we are to move on.

    In fact – the ELECTORATE decides these things.

    The electorate that just got dumped a ton of stuff on them to process… to process official Police reports containing officer observations of ‘swelling’ and ‘limping’, to process witness statements with some incredibly grisly detail, that somehow never became official testimony. and process the reasons why this all happened (and why its proactively coming out now.) Etc., etc., etc….

    I concede that everything may wash out as to verify exactly what Mr. Hicks and his campaign say happened. If that is the truth, they should welcome the public’s scrutiny and independent verification of same. It certainly would be helpful if Mr. Hicks would submit some documentation about the court proceedings that verify the reasons why the DA and Judge did not proceed, because there can be many reasons for that happening.

    And please, let’s not hear any nonsense about how continued discussion “takes the public’s mind off the important issues..” or words to that effect. The public is capable of considering many issues at once, including this one.

    Let me remind everyone that this is the Commissioner of Public Safety we are talking about here. The electorate is well within their rights, indeed responsible, to discuss and examine any issue they please, for as long as they wish.

    “… the end of the matter”?

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  4. Mr Millis may want to speak with some of the counselors at WellSpring and learn why so many domestic abuse victims are scared to testify and tend to drop the charges. I am saddened to see that Mr Hicks female supporters are not speaking out against him once seeing this police report. I am sure the victim Mr Hicks domestically abused has friends and family that will speak out on her behalf now that this information has been released.

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    1. Good comment, Kara.
      Joanne Yepsen and Ellen Egger-Aimone actively pressed the Democratic committee to endorse Mr. Hicks for Commissioner of Public Safety even though they were aware of this incident

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    2. I know Melissa personally. I know Kendall as well. If you dont believe what the police report says then you wont believe anything. The fact that he is running for Public Safety commissioner in and of itself is extreme absurdity!


    1. Your narrative is arrogant and disregards the witness in her entirety. Go back to your mancave, RM….


    2. “Transparency. Accountability. Community.”

      Kendall Hicks, not RM: answer for this….be transparent, accountable, and answer to your community….

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      1. I have to agree with this in regards to Mr. Hicks having others speak for him. This is similar to the meeting I had with him (and the uninvited then campaign manager) where I had to repeated remind both of them that the meeting was to be with Mr. Hicks and I’d like him to have the chance to talk as Eileen tended to respond to each of my queries.

        If Mr. Hicks can’t respond for himself now, how will he speak in the role of Commissioner of Safety where he would be required to take some very controversial and difficult stands? Hiding behind his campaign manager/coordinator – whatever title they choose to take – is inappropriate for someone who wants a public service position.

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  5. Ridiculous.

    Elections don’t decide this. The criminal justice system does. But you people think you have all the necessary data to play that role cs a court? Delusional behavior all around.

    The justice system dropped the charges. No deal was made. It dropped the charges completely. That doesnt count in your minds?

    Or are you allleging something else on the justice systems part? Incompetence? Corruption? What?

    But you know more than they do huh? Or do facts just not count.

    But you will vote your verdict? This is twilight zone territory.


    1. Hey ‘wow’, LEARN SOMETHING:
      According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence is one of the most chronically underreported crimes. Only 25% of all physical assaults, 20% of all rapes, and 50% of all stalking perpetrated against females by their partners are reported to the police. For the small number of cases that do get reported, on average, a woman will be assaulted by her partner or ex-partner thirty-five times before reporting it to the police.

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      1. This isn’t a matter of “reported’ or not. It WAS reported. That’s why we’re here.

        Again: you don’t even care to consider the WHY as to the reasoning of the DA and Judge to their outright dismissing the charges?


    2. So your position is that if the victim is in fear of retribution and doesn’t give a statement, no crime could have occurred? I’m sure the mob would love you on a jury.

      Robert Millis’ response to the police report is shockingly tone deaf and the candidates complete silence doesn’t bode well for the office he is seeking. I count two different statements in the report (Hayes, Gapp) along with the police officer noting the victim’s visible injuries. Is Mr. Hicks calling both those witnesses, and the police officer, liars? How does he account for the visible injuries?

      Also, spare me any talk of military reviews, which have been a known sham for some time especially when it comes to domestic violence.


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  6. Oh and hey, Joanne Yepsen, didn’t you introduce this candidate to the public in March? What are your thoughts now on his being the right choice for public safety commissioner? Where is all the outrage from my party, I see nothing here?? Patty Morrison? McTygues? I’ve see all of you in pictures with Hicks, you’ve got nothing to say suddenly?

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  7. Let’s examine this “military review” comment that keeps coming up. This was not a scene out of A Few Good Men. Unless he missed time from work because he was jailed, it’s doubtful that the command would even find out about this incident. I would question who did this “military review.” Many people get civil infractions that don’t get the attention of the command.
    Even if there was a “military review”, that also would need to be questioned. Mr Hicks would have been in the Army National Guard for over 20 years when that happened. Whether anyone wants to admit to it or not, people with that much time in do get “passes” for their transgressions. I once worked with chief (E-7) who had 19 years of service who popped positive for marijuana during a random urinalysis. The military supposedly has a no tolerance policy for drugs. However, this chief chose a court martial and was found innocent. I knew one of the officers that was a juror. I asked how they could find him innocent when the lab result showed that he had used the drug. His response was, “Why would a guy with only 1 year left do this?” Junior personel get discharged for this exact same offense. Maybe Mr Hicks can provide documents to support this “military review”?

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  8. I also know both parties quite well and I can assure everyone that this incident did happen, unfortunately the victim was not strong enough at the time to stand up for herself, this is how Mr Hicks liked it. He controlled her and when she retaliated things would get ugly. He enjoyed the fact that she was weak and he thrived on it and he “benefited” from it. This was not the only incident in a long line of abusive behavior. I could tell you stories that would rattle you to your bones, I know because I and many others lived it with her. He has absolutely no business being in any sort of office and his cockiness and narcissist attitude sickens me. Honestly I was thrilled when I heard this had resurfaced, Mr. Hicks has never paid for any harm that he has done to others and it is high time that he does. I saw that there was another post on here from someone who was also witness to this behavior but it disappeared soon after. Why is that?

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  9. For some reason there’s no reply button for Wow’s 7/24 comment but the “why” you ask about seems pretty straightforward from the police report: Gapp “would not cooperate for fear of retribution.” The Hicks statement says a false statement was made by his girlfriend’s friend but the report has both Hayes and Gapp statements about what happened at the scene, and Hayes then providing a statement again at the station. Is Hicks saying BOTH lied to the police and that Hayes was willing file a false claim twice (once literally INSIDE a police station)?

    The officer who wrote the report noticed “swelling to the right side of her face” and that she was “limping with noticeable swelling to her right ankle.” Is Mr. Hick, who wants to head the department that oversees the city police, claiming this officer lied? If not, how does the swelling and limp align with a “false” report?

    Aside from all these questions that need to be answered, Mr. Hicks admits that he blocked his girlfriend from driving and publicly argued with her all IN THE ROAD. This isn’t some youthful transgression, as it happened a little over six years ago. Someone with this temperament and poor judgement can’t possibly be trusted to lead such a important city department, especially when their response to serious allegations is a misleading statement followed by complete silence.

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  10. I don’t know how I’m just seeing all of this, but I assumed after reading about Hicks he had dropped out of the race. But I just went on Facebook and see not only is he still running but in his last post talking about how he’s never hit a woman?? How is Saratoga not up in arms over this guy running for PUBLIC SAFETY???


    Where is the outrage???!! Your hypocrisy literally makes me sick.

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