Kendall Hicks’ Run-In With The Gloversville Police: What Happened?

Several months ago someone sent me a link to a story in the local Gloversville newspaper about an incident in which Kendall Hicks, currently the Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety, was alleged to have run a woman off the road and assaulted her.

I contacted Ellen Egger-Aimone who at the time was Mr. Hicks’ campaign manager and asked her if the story were true. She sent me a statement from Mr. Hicks:

These were erroneous charges from years past files [sic] against me based on false information given to the police. I never had any physical altercation with this woman.  I followed procedure by presenting myself to police in Gloversville to address the arrest warrant.  After the court hearing all charges were dismissed and there is no arrest record.  This is a non- issue.

At the time I accepted Mr. Hicks’ explanation. Newspaper coverage is not always accurate and complete, and I had no way to independently determine what happened.

Not long afterward, I received a set of documents having to do with a number of Gloversville police reports involving Mr. Hicks. I found these reports extremely troubling as one of them went into considerable detail regarding Mr. Hicks’ alleged assault on a woman.

This week I recieved a news release from the Hicks campaign that now publically raises the issue of the incident. As the documents will show, the narative offered by the Hicks campaign is radically inconsistent with the news stories and the police reports.

I have emailed Kendall Hicks a copy of this post and offered him the opportunity to  be a “guest poster” should he wish to respond.

Below are:

1. The Hicks campaign press release.

2. The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) letter that was the cover sheet for the police reports.

3. The Police Reports


One thought on “Kendall Hicks’ Run-In With The Gloversville Police: What Happened?”

  1. Sarah Burger is reportedly in line to be his deputy………thanks for the info John I heard of Mr. HICK’S TROUBLES A FEW MONTHS BACK found it hard to believe until now! What’s so disturbing is the style of these socialists, they say anything with such blind ambition.

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