Morrison Wins Democratic Primary

101 absentee and 5 affidavit ballots were counted at the Saratoga County Board of Elections this morning (Tuesday, July2).  With all votes now counted Ms. Morrison will be the candidate for Commissioner of Finance on the Democratic line in the November 5 general election.

Of the 106 ballots counted this morning 59 were for Patty Morrison and 47 for Michele Madigan.  1392 Democrats had voted on primary day, June 25, with 706 voting for Patty Morrison and 686 for Madigan.  Totals then are 733 votes for Madigan, 765 for Morrison, a difference of 32 votes. There are 6,731 registered Democrats in Saratoga Springs.

Final results will not be certified by the Board of Elections until next week but numbers are not expected to change.

Ms. Madigan will still appear on the November ballot on the Working Families Party and the  Independence Party lines as a candidate for Commissioner of Finance.

I reached out to Ms. Morrison and offered to post a statement from her but so far she has not responded.  If I receive a response I will be happy to post it.

Below is a statement I received from Michele Madigan:

I am saddened and disappointed to have lost the Democratic primary for Commissioner of Finance, due to low voter turn-out.  I wish to thank my many friends and supporters for their hard work in the face of a very difficult and at times an ugly primary campaign.

I am still on the general ballot in November on the Independence Party and Working Families Party lines, and while I would very much like to continue to serve all city voters – of all political parties – for another term, at this time the budget needs of the city are my priority. 

 must present the 2020 budget by the end of the summer, and get it adopted in November. Additionally, the city has several multi-million dollar matters I must continue to plan for: repairing and reopening city hall, the Loughberry Dam upgrade mandates, Fire/EMS needs of the Eastern Plateau, finding a permanent solution to code-blue and our homeless issues, and cybersecurity threats that plague cities daily – for starters.  I owe it to the taxpayers to focus on this city business. 

 I hope to serve another term and would be grateful for the support of all city voters, regardless of political persuasion, come November 5th. This election is not about partisan politics or any particular issue; it is about prudently managing our city’s finances through challenging times.

3 thoughts on “Morrison Wins Democratic Primary”

  1. I am so proud to have been part of her campaign team and even more proud to call her friend. I am proud of her positive campaign and staying the high road – even when it may have been extremely difficult to do so.

    And, while she serves the city as she has done so well for the last 8 years, I invite anyone who agrees that Saratoga Springs needs her for another term, to join me in doing the work to be sure she (and we) get that chance.

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  2. The good ‘ol boys and girls club is finally unwinding. We shall see what the ethics commission finds. People are not stupid, and know what they are doing.


  3. In her statement to the press (which for some reason she didn’t want published in this blog) Ms. Morrison says “Our goal now is to listen and represent all voters in this city, despite their political affiliation.” Yet her campaign continually criticized Michele Madigan for having Republican support. So this was a bad thing for Michele to have but something Ms. Morrison now aspires to? Having filed ethics complaints against the head of the Independence Party I would predict that she will have a hard time representing those voters as well.

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