Times Union Watch: Republican Leadership Change

Wendy Liberatore’s Times Union article on the recent change in the Saratoga Springs Republican Party Committee leadership begins with the following:

“In an organizational meeting on Wednesday evening, Matthew Hogan lost his leadership role to Chris Obstarczyk…”

The clear suggestion here is that there has been an internal party coup with Matt Hogan being ousted in a competition for leadership. This is simply not the case.

I have spoken to both Matthew Hogan and to Chris Obstarczyk and they paint a very different picture. Matt originally recruited Mr. Obstarczyk to join the local committee. Matt told me that he just did not have the time to continue as chair. Mr. Obstarczyk made clear that he decided to take over the chairmanship after Matt indicated his plan to step down. If you read the rest of Ms. Liberatore’s article you will see that other than the above unflattering and misleading assertion there is nothing in it indicating that Mr. Hogan was forced out.

One thought on “Times Union Watch: Republican Leadership Change”

  1. I am honestly not sure how or why the TU keeps Ms. Liberatore on staff as she has a long record of overstating information for what appears to be either bias or sensationalism. I, for one, take anything she writes with a grain of salt until I further research her presentation. Unfortunately, her writing gives those who want to perpetuate misinformation a platform for doing so.

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