Matt Hogan Steps Down As City Republican Chair

Matt Hogan has stepped down as chair of the Saratoga Springs Republican Committee. In his place, the Republican Committee has elected Chris Obstarczyk. Mr. Obstarczyk is a partner in the law firm Levy & Obstarczk.

I spoke to Matt recently and he shared with me that other commitments made finding the time to chair the committee too difficult. He has been chair since October of 2016.

I contacted his successor, Mr. Obstarczk, who spoke warmly of Matt. He told me that Matt had originally enlisted him to join the committee and that when Matt decided to step down that with Matt’s support he took over the chairmanship.

I happen to like Matt a lot. During a time of increasingly dark partisanship and incivility, Matt has always demonstrated a dignity and openness for which he should be recognized. His job had not been made easy by the changing demographics of the city where enrollment of Democrats has eroded a city once thoroughly dominated by his party.

While he and I have always assumed that we do not agree on many public issues he has always made himself available to me and his answers to my questions have proven to be accurate and complete.

I wish Matt all the best.

One thought on “Matt Hogan Steps Down As City Republican Chair”

  1. John – you are a true example of what we need more of in saratoga, people first before party. Just because someone does not agree with your individual political ideology does not mean they are any less of an individual. I think if people spoke more to each other they would see they would agree on more things then they disagree on. Far too many people in this town don’t take the time to listen to each other, and just put their political ideology first.

    I have a huge respect for you and your unbiased straightforward coverage of what is going on in Saratoga. Thank you Mr Kaufmann!

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