School Vote Results

According to the unofficial results on the District website John Brueggemann (3,362 votes), Dean Kolligian (3,069 votes) and Natalya Lakhtakia (2,898 votes) are the winners. These were the three candidates endorsed by the Saratoga Springs Teachers Association. Dean Kolligian was also endorsed by Saratoga Parents for Safer Schools. I can’t remember when candidates endorsed by the Saratoga TA have lost a School Board race.  This year was no exception.

The other results were:

Shaun Wiggins: 2,819 votes

Heather Reynolds: 2,800 votes

Ed Cubanski: 2,575 votes

Connie Woytowich: 1,008votes

The proposed budget passed (4,687 votes) as did Proposition #1, a proposal to spend $1,195,000 to purchase school buses (4,873 votes).

6 thoughts on “School Vote Results”

  1. Congratulations all around.
    Good campaign (as long as you stayed away from Facebook).

    Not sure how a new city resident got on the board to represent the old guard.

    But as always — academics get voted in (with the exception of the banker) and the foxes once again are guarding the hen house. Kinda like having members of the construction business on the city planning board.

    Some of us found the whole gun thing rather silly.
    Why install fire extinguishers at the schools when you can just call 9-1-1?

    Getting that feeling again…another tax increase is just around the corner.
    It’s like slowly turning the heat up on the pot of water.
    How long before the frog finally jumps out?

    And is it just present company or is $1.2 Million a lot of money for school buses or what?
    Where’s a good mechanic when you need ’em?
    HINT: BOCES! (Can’t they maintain the fleet? –insert tongue in cheek here)

    What fun!

    -JC 😉


    1. One might question the need to own a bus company, its fleet, its upkeep and its employees and their overhead. Could transportation be outsourced? Just a thought. I’ve always wondered if it made sense to think outside the box on this one.


      1. Which was the case when it was first decided that kids couldn’t walk to school. A man named LaSalle provided the school buses to the district, for a set price. Keep in mind, each and every mechanic, driver, staff people (CSEA) are entitled to full school benefits. Might be a good time to rethink the situation. Good idea Jim M.


      2. Great idea Jim unfortunately they die quickly…..the buses and that whole operation need a good audit…a forensic wouldn’t hurt and having the Illuminati on the board?


  2. Thanks for the coverage Mr. Kaufman.
    Hoping it doesn’t end here, as the BOE plays a major role (as we now know) in local politics. Possible blog suggestion: check out appointed Boces Board member Steve Grandins social media page. Mr. Grandin has been an outspoken opponent of many of the recent candidates (when it suits him) and is a poor representation of the decorum, integrity and citizenship we should expect of any elected/appointed education position within our city. Also hoping to see coverage of the new BOE in the coming year as transparent as it has been throughout this election season. Thank you again.


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