Matt Taibbi’s Devastatingly Brilliant Critique Of The Media

Matt Taibbi is among the most insightful and stinging critics of American culture. He mixes razor sharp analysis with humor.

Here is the second half of an interview with Taibbi done by Chris Hedges. Interestingly this interview was done on RT Network which is the Russian supported media which unfortunately might  prompt some to dismiss it out of hand. I think it’s worth a listen. Much of what he has to say can relate to the current Board of Education campaigns we have been experiencing here in Saratoga Springs.

4 thoughts on “Matt Taibbi’s Devastatingly Brilliant Critique Of The Media”

  1. Loved reading it when it came out. Too bad Matt still believes the covered-up narrative about 9/11. He loses credibility with me on that one, especially when he frames it with the CIA promoted term “conspiricy theory.” Seach for answers on Building 7 to start your own analysis.


  2. I’m very achy about the host network. Having said that, I read op ed pages all the time, and what I look for is a strong, well-developed POV – whether I agree with them or not.

    Taibbi does this and more; his ‘rules of hate’ are insightful, and I certainly see why he would be unwelcome on any conventional cable news show.


  3. John – Thank you for posting this. I’ve had this opinion this about the media for quite some time. It’s very destructive, and only getting worse.


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