Official Results of 2018 Election Broken Down By District

Here are the results broken down by district of the November, 2018,  election ( 2018-General-Election-Results-by-TownDistrict ). The document includes all the municipalities in the county.  It is organized first by the elected office and then by the municipality.  They are in alphabetical order so the first item is the results for the town of Ballston for the Governor’s race.  If you scroll down to page 11 you will see the results for the Governor’s race for Saratoga Springs.   Page 23 has the results for Saratoga Springs for Comptroller, etc.   The results for  Question 1 for the Saratoga Springs charter update are on page 140 and for Question 2 on page 142.

I have also provided a pdf file of the city of Saratoga Springs showing the districts ( C_Saratoga_Springs_Elect_2012 ).  If you use the telescope option (+) you can drill down to better view the boundaries for each district.

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