Vacancies Need Filling On City Boards

At the November 20th City Council meeting Mayor Meg Kelly announced that a number of vacancies will be occurring on the city’s boards in the coming months. She encouraged those interested in serving on any of these boards to use the application form available on the city website. This is a welcome move towards transparency in alerting the public to the many volunteer opportunities to serve the city as members of its boards. Past administrations have merely announced new appointments without  ever giving members of the pubic the opportunity to consider putting themselves forwards as possible candidates to serve on these boards.

 I know that many of the people who follow this blog are aware of my criticisms of the makeup of the land use boards.  On December 31 Keith Kaplan will finish his term on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Cliff Van Wagner’s term on the Planning Board will end.

Hopefully, Mayor Kelly will have a pool of candidates to consider for these two important positions beyond the usual members of the development community.

Here is a link to the city website with a list of boards that will have vacancies in the next 3 to 6 months and the application form.






2 thoughts on “Vacancies Need Filling On City Boards”

  1. Hi John Please let the City know that although the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority is listed as needing board members, there is no mention of it in the drop down menu on the application page. Thank you Celeste Carusp


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