Excerpts From Dr. Mathiesen’s Deposition

Here are some excerpts from Dr. Mathiesen’s deposition for those of you who want to dig deeper.  Dr. Mathiesen was deposed on February 9, 2018 by Attorney Breedlove.










There are a number of statements in the police records about Darryl Mount’s mother who was at the hospital and accused the police of assaulting her son.WhatGO25PertainedTo11

The attorney for the plaintiff then reviews with Dr. Mathiesen the language in General Order 25.


In the following excerpt Dr. Mathiesen  focuses on the word “substantiated” and the plaintiff’s attorney then points out how he is misreading the text.


Here the focus of the questioning is on the use of the term “investigation” rather than “administrative or internal affairs investigation”




Here the plaintiff’s attorney focuses on Dr. Mathiesen’s decision to rely on the police chief for all information on the Mount incident and subsequent related actions.


Here the plaintiff establishes that Dr. Mathiesen was aware that complaints about police misconduct had been made by Darryl Mount’s family shortly after the incident.


This section has to do with whether Dr. Mathiesen had told the reporter for the Saratogian newspaper that there was an internal investigation underway.  The plaintiff’s attorney is using an email from the reporter to the police chief.


Here Dr Mathiesen and the plaintiff’s attorney have an exchange over the relationship between lying and a lack of integrity.




Here Dr. Mathiesen and the plaintiff’s attorney get into a discussion about the allegations of police misconduct.






3 thoughts on “Excerpts From Dr. Mathiesen’s Deposition”

  1. John, The above would seem to clearly demonstrate the need for basic and significant Charter Change to have truly professional oversight of what is going on in the City. The current proposal by the Mayor’s appointed charter commission seems to be a simply a salve to get past the issue of realistic charter change by throwing a bone to the citizens by adding two Commissioners-Without-Portfolio. With Charter Change so frequently on the ballot over the past couple of years, this proposal would seem to be aimed at keeping as close to the status quo as possible and putting off any real positive changes indefinitely.

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  2. Wayne,
    I’m afraid one only has to look at cities with city managers to see that these kinds of things can happen no matter what the form of government.
    Here are just a couple of examples from a simple Google search:



    And just for good measure here’s a link to a story of a city with a strong mayor. The headline reads “Suspended Melvindale police chief accused of breaking the law”

    And regardless of how you feel about adding two at large legislators to the city council I would hope you would support the first proposition on the ballot to upgrade our current charter and make the government we have at the moment function as efficiently and effectively as possible regardless of what changes of government may or may not happen in the future


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