Meg Kelly and Peter Martin Name Deputies

Newly elected mayor Meg Kelly has named Lisa Shields, 58,  to be her deputy.  Ms. Shields currently serves as the executive assistant to Mayor Yepsen.  Ms. Shields earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from SUNY Potsdam.  She moved to California following graduation and worked for Hewlett-Packard.  Since returning to New York she has worked for the Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church, Mannix Marketing in Glens Falls, and the Saratoga Children’s Theater founded by Ms. Kelly.  Ms. Shields is married to Dan Shields and they have three children. 

Newly elected Commissioner of Public Safety Peter Martin has named John S. Daley to be his deputy.  Mr. Daley came to the city after serving as director of the New York State Senate Committee on Consumer Protection.  He has been serving as a part time law clerk in the Public Safety Department.  Mr. Daley, who is 28, holds a bachelors degree in finance from Siena College, a masters in business administration from Union College, and a degree from Albany Law School.

The people who have followed the charter campaign may recall that one of the criticisms charter supporters leveled at the commission form of government was that they claimed the deputies were all just political appointees without professional credentials or experience.  They also asserted that deputies got their jobs primarily by working on their boss’s campaigns.  I don’t know if these new deputies worked on their boss’s campaigns but similar to the other deputies currently serving here in the city, it is apparent that they are highly qualified for their jobs.


3 thoughts on “Meg Kelly and Peter Martin Name Deputies”

  1. More good news.
    Excellent choices for deputies, indeed.

    Meg is cool; noble, honest and caring.
    There is trust there.
    Lisa? No negative vibes.

    By the way — Mark Baker is a good fellow & took his loss with pride & dignity.
    The way it should be.

    Peter Martin?
    He has a lot of grounding in Toga. Good support base.

    Mr. Daly; at 28; will have a full plate, indeed.
    And youth has assets!
    Is Toga ready for real, qualified city management; or so we really need that charter changed (yuk).

    Accolades abound.
    Let us see if all stacks up as desired, eh?

    We shall see what we shall see.
    Just keep that contemptuous vermin at bay.



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