Kudos to the Gazette

An overdue salute to the Gazette for correcting an error in a recent editorial.  On November 16 Mark Mahoney took Commissioners Madigan, Franck, and Scirocco to task for allegedly not inviting  Mayor Yepsen and Commissioner Mathiesen to a special City Council meeting where an attorney was hired to observe the absentee ballot count of the charter votes. In fact Mayor Yepsen’s office had sent out the meeting notice so it was patently untrue that she was not notified as the editorial indignantly stated. 

To the paper’s credit  when the email that the Mayor sent out was brought to editor Judy Patrick’s attention she promised further investigation.  The result was an article by Stephen Williams with the opening line “Mayor Joanne Yepsen knew about last Monday’s special City Council meeting”. This was reiterated in a later article by Ann Friedman that cited the Mayor’s original claim and her later reversal.

In this age of fake news it is important to recognize these efforts by the Gazette to set the record straight.


2 thoughts on “Kudos to the Gazette”

  1. Excellent news.

    The Gazette is the last standing vestige of semi-credible and sometimes objective; reporting left in this region.

    The rest are just purveyors of fake news.
    The Saratogian is in its death throws (thank the gods and Babs) as is that phony contemptible rag: The Post Star (bye-bye kenny & do-little).

    Do your readers know that The Post Star will no longer be printing it’s own paper?
    Yep. The Gazette (G-d bless them) will be printing the Post Star.

    Sound familiar?
    Saratogian shut down it’s printing presses after some 100 or so years.
    Paper is now be printed in —- get ready for it— TROY!!

    Geezum! Troy?
    And by The Troy Record (Yikes!); to boot.
    What an insult to what is left of Toga-integrity (what?).
    And we didn’t even say “you know who” (lol).

    At least the Gazette has the likes of Sara Foss.
    She’s not Carl Stock (miss the old contemptuous buzzard) but hey — she is a real local, fair minded (did I say fair or was it milk toast?) columnist (probably one of the last). Some of us could do with fewer (or no) cut and pastes from the Washington Post. What a commie rag!

    So–Thank you, John; for all that you do.
    You are our Shirley (lol).

    PS: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
    (Encourage the verbose — levity works. Everybody loves a roast and good laugh at the expense of the up-trodden.
    Wink to Merlin (lol).)


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