Vice Chair Of Charter Commission Pat Kane’s Disgraceful Behavior

Below is a screen shot of a post by Pat Kane, Charter Commission Vice Chair, that he has put up on multiple websites.

Over the time I have been writing this blog there have been many times when I have been tempted to write something unflattering about the motivation of a number of public figures.  I felt extremely confident in those cases about the unseemly motivation but I have never indulged myself by actually posting it.  I do this for two reasons.  First, without clear and supporting documentation I think such conjecturing does not rise to the level of accurate reporting.  Most centrally, writing something like that would poison the environment on my blog.

Pat Kane, the vice chair of the Charter Review Commission, has posted the following comments to multiple websites.

One of the places he posted this was on the site of the Greenbelt Trail Committee.  To their credit, that site removed his post and put up a message saying that they would no longer allow comments to be posted on their site,  <Place link>

This is not the first time Mr. Kane has flirted with what  I consider ethical norms but in this cases he has gone way over the line.

In accepting the vice chairmanship of the Charter Review Commission he took on the burden of being seen as a leader of this group and with that position came the responsibility of behaving in a way that would not compromise the credibility of that body.

The Charter Commission meets this evening.  Mr. Kane should take the opportunity of this meeting to apologize to Commissioner Madigan, the members of the Commission, and the public.  Barring this happening, the Commission needs to pass a resolution in the clearest terms disassociating itself from Mr. Kane’s posting.  If they do not, they are complicit in this disgraceful behavior.


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