Charter Commission To Scrap adopted Financial Impact Analysis And Consider New One

For those of you who watched the video from my last blog, you may remember that Mr. Turner commented that this (the September 18 meeting) was the last meeting of the Commission.  At this final meeting the Commission voted to adopt Jeff Altamari’s financial analysis of the impact of the proposed charter.  It projected a savings to the city of $381,000.00.

Well, it was not the last meeting as it turns out.  WAMC reports that Mr. Altamari is coming out with a new financial analysis and the committee is meeting on Thursday, September 28, to consider replacing the “old” one with this “new” version.  Apparently following John Franck’s withering critique of the adopted impact analysis,  Mr. Altamari has come out with a new, revised version that the Charter Commission will now consider.  According to a report by Lucas Willard of WAMC, the new analysis now includes projected costs for the transition.  Interestingly, Willard reports that in spite of the newly acknowledged costs for the transition, the new report shows an even greater savings for the city.  Mr. Altamari now projects a savings of $403,000.00.

I guess we will find out more on Thursday.


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