City Democrats Endorse Meg Kelly For Mayor

At their June 8th meeting the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee endorsed Meg Kelly for Mayor.  Currently Ms. Kelly serves as the deputy mayor.  I am linking to an article on this from the Saratogian.

Link To Article

Ms. Kelly offered the same vague generalities about being for open space, downtown business, good management, etc.  Hopefully Ms. Kelly will be willing to be more specific on these questions in the future.


4 thoughts on “City Democrats Endorse Meg Kelly For Mayor”

  1. I wonder if Ms. Kelly understands the correlation between open spaces and workforce housing?

    So far, the city dems have done a great job of making this liberal vote for and support republicans. This just assured it.


  2. I could be wrong, but all the information in the newspaper article seems to say that this is the Meg Kelly who is married to ex city judge Doug Mills. Which makes me wonder why her family life (which is very normal for politicians) is not included in the story?


  3. I wasn’t demanding anything. All I know is that most politicians usually rave on about their family life. How many kids, what their spouse does for a living/retired etc. It’s very important for a politician to show their personal side, as well as their platform. Sorry if I implied anything else. Judge Mills served our city admirably, and I thought it would be nice to give him a shout-out.
    Mr. Baker seems to be taking the slow approach, with his campaign.


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