A Potpourri Of Stories

Unnamed Person Plans To Primary Skip Scirocco for the Republican line for  Commissioner of Public Works.

A member of the Charter Review Commission picked up blank petitions this week at the Board of elections. These petitions are the ones used by candidates wanting to run for local  office in Saratoga Springs.  While the Commission member declined to identify the candidate whose name will go on the petitions, he confirmed  the person would be running against Skip Scirocco seeking the Republican line for Commissioner of Public Works.

Large Condo Project Proposed For Downtown


According to the Albany Business Review, Robert Bucher, Jr. of Design Logic Architects PC has announced plans to build a $21 million dollar condo project at 128 Henry Street.  The project includes roof top terraces and an art gallery on the first floor.  Design Logic Architects is based in Albany.  The project will have 30 condos ranging in price from $599,000.00 to $840,000.00.  The proposed lot at 128 Henry Street is currently owned by Frank Parillo who has extensive property interests in the area including the Hampton Inn. 

Saratogian To Move

The Saratogian sold its current office building to Frank Parillo in 2012 and has been leasing the space they are in since then.  In the paper’s June 6 edition they announced plans to move to new offices at 7 Wells Street.  The Saratogian has resided at their current site on Lake Avenue for some 80 years.  Their current location has 14,000 square feet of space.  Their new location will have 3,700 square feet.  I think this downsizing is symbolic for a newspaper that has been in distress for a number of years.


7 thoughts on “A Potpourri Of Stories”

  1. Unnamed Person Plans To Primary Skip Scirocco for the Republican line for Commissioner of Public Works. This is another political folly set in motion by one of Joanne Yepsen’s lackies (Patrick Kane). You see Skip is not in favor of the proposed charter change which Patrick Kane has worked so hard to shove down throats of the citizens on the behest of Mayor Yepsen. You see Skip believes if it ain”t broke don’t dont fix it. So now the shadow palyers once again try to play the voters as fools.


  2. So first the charter commission folks tried to hold a vote on their proposal the day after Memorial Day week end which was guaranteed to have a low voter turn-out which they obviously believed would benefit them. Then they get involved in a bogus survey that turns out to be a push poll for the charter hiding behind a Skidmore student’s assignment. And now they’re trying to engineer a primary against Skip Scirocco, an outspoken opponent of charter change and the only elected official to show up at the SUCCESS event on May 30. An interesting group this charter change commission. Coming soon—a bogus financial analysis of what their charter proposal will cost. Spoiler alert: It will save thousands! Hundreds of thousands, I tell you!


  3. Good! Nobody should run uncontested. The Dems talked people out of running for that position. Crazy. If someone wants to run, let them run. Whats the problem?


  4. I see by the fine print in the lower left corner that the proposed condo project is to be called “The Moderne at Saratoga.” Will this pretentious naming ever stop? I’m guessing that we’ll see more of the same where the Saratogian building now squats.


  5. The Saratogian square…..where it is bounded by Caroline, Putnam, Lake and Pavillion should be named after the new owner. Let’s try Parillo Haven, Prillioville, Parilliotown, Parillo Condos, etc.
    Maybe Frankie Parillo can arrange for another County department to lease the entire square, like the Topper building.?


  6. Hmmmm…
    1 -“Unnamed Person Plans To Primary Skip Scirocco”
    Let me get this straight: A candidate’s name could have been given to a blog whose readers are interested politicos, and they declined… Brilliant! Their success is pre-ordained with this type of strategy…
    2-128 Henry Street/30 condos ranging in price from $599,000.00 to $840,000.00
    I keep having flashbacks to the dot.com bubble…
    3- Saratogian “downsizing is symbolic for a newspaper that has been in distress for a number of years.”
    It is symbolic, but to be thorough most of that space was taken up by presses that were removed a few years ago, when they started to be printed by their sister Troy Record. Losing a presence downtown is the biggest thing – they could have moved to 128 Henry Street, but must have concluded that these units were overpriced.


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