City Council To Vote On SPA Housing Ordinance

[This is a release from Sustainable Saratoga]

City Council to Vote on SPA Housing Ordinance

Join us at City Hall on Tuesday, June 6 at 7:00 p.m. to show your support for affordable housing and to witness this historic vote!

Following a lengthy period of community outreach, stakeholder engagement and public comment, the Saratoga Springs City Council appears ready to vote on the “Saratoga Places for All” (SPA) Housing Ordinance at its June 6th meeting. We need to make sure our elected officials understand that this is a major concern and that we need to address this NOW! The goal of this zoning amendment is to create more diverse and affordable housing options for middle-income people who live or work in Saratoga Springs. Increasing access to workforce housing is critical to ensuring sustainable growth and our City’s long-term vitality. To learn more about how the ordinance will make neighborhoods across the City more inclusive, review the resources on our SPA Housing webpage.

One thought on “City Council To Vote On SPA Housing Ordinance”

  1. And it does NOTHING to help those that need the help the most (they should call it EXCLUSIONARY zoning because that’s exactly what it does: excludes the majority of our workforce that needs help the most). I’m sorry, but this is a HORRIBLE piece of legislation created by a special interest group. It was bad a decade ago, and it’s still brutally bad now. NO ONE can make the numbers work on the purchase part of it, even after a year. It’s blatantly obvious

    I’ve met with Sustainable Saratoga numerous times now. They just don’t get it about housing here. We stand steadfast AGAINST this ordinance. It will hurt more than it will ever help.

    Dave Morris
    Saratogians for Sustainable Housing


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