Hank Kuczynski Withdraws from Mayoral Race

Hank Kuczynski sent the following email to Democratic Chair Charlie Brown stating that he will not be seeking the Democratic Committee nomination for the office of Mayor of Saratoga Springs.

Charley:  Hope this finds you well this Memorial Day Weekend.  On the Friday before the Democratic Committee Endorsement Meeting on May 20th, Mayor Yepsen released to the press at the last minute that she would not run for reelection and was Endorsing her Deputy.  I believe everyone was shocked or surprised leaving the Democratic Committee in a difficult position.  On Saturday, May 20th, The Democratic Committee met and did not take any action on this matter as it seemed that the Committee needed time to process this sudden turn of developments.

I ran into a number of citizens who suggested that my expertise and awareness of city issues combined with my ongoing communication with elected officials and Democrats would make me an ideal Mayoral candidate at this time. Not only did I think about this”call to duty” but also about the open process that I know the City Democratic Committee has worked hard to put in effect in recent years.

The lateness of the political calendar as we are approaching June made me think of all the mechanical and organizational aspects of putting together an effective campaign.  TIME is always the one thing you can’t get enough of. 

I have limited state wide consulting in the next few months.  This Friday I became aware the the work I do as,Kuczynski Associates , may require additional assignments during the height of the campaign season.  The Family conversations indicated that it is unrealistic to attempt to do both.  I know that to campaign for Mayor is 24/7.

So reluctantly I am informing you that I will not be seeking an endorsement interview or addressing the full Democratic Committee to seek the nomination for the Office of Mayor for the the City of Saratoga Springs.  I wish all the candidates success.

As I write this on the day we celebrate Memorial  Day I think of the family picnics we had at my Uncle Bill Daley’s house.  I think of my Father, Hank, who served in the Army for 5 years in WW II finishing in the China-Burma-India Theatre.  What they did lets us exercise our political freedoms, something I always remember.

Thank you for your forbearance.

Sincerely, Hank

Hank Kuczynski
Kuczynski Associates

2 thoughts on “Hank Kuczynski Withdraws from Mayoral Race”

  1. So that leaves the dems with the hand picked successor of an unethical mayor. Brilliant…. (btw – pretty much that same comment got me removed from the country dem page. The dems STILL don’t get it…..


  2. Technically, he is not seeking the office. To “withdraw” would mean that he was already a candidate.
    Hank has a following, and would probably have been a formidable candidate. Apparently, he has some business commitments, so maybe sometime in the future he will throw his hat in the proverbial ring.


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