Interesting Debate On Inequality and Race

I received this from Bob Turner:

Honors Forum Policy Debate: Inequality and Race.  5:30pm on Wednesday, February 22  Gannett Auditorium.

Here’s a great opportunity to hear a debate on inequality and race by two top tier liberal and conservative policy intellectuals featuring Richard V. Reeves, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Families and Children at the Brookings Institution, v. Jason Riley, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

One thought on “Interesting Debate On Inequality and Race”

  1. “Honors Forum Policy Debate: Inequality and Race.”
    Spare us.
    EVERYONE (bar none) in this great state, is afforded every possibility to better their condition.
    Whether the individual chooses to endeavor to persevere is what matters.
    It’s not about race; it’s about strata.
    So said the esteemed; Mario Matthew Cuomo.
    (“Why Lincoln Matters,” Harcourt Books 2004)


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