Council Votes Not To Fund Special Election On New Charter

Commissioners Madigan, Scirocco, and Franck voted against spending  $37,000.00 for a special election for a vote on a charter change as requested by the Charter Commission.  Mayor Yepsen and Commissioner Mathiesen voted for the funding.

I will write more on this in a future blog.

7 thoughts on “Council Votes Not To Fund Special Election On New Charter”

  1. Hi Johnny, the babies wanted to spend the money!!! Welcome to Babylon Saratoga where the mayor votes for flushing money down the proverbial toilet. Saratoga has become the painted whore who has said yes to too many strangers, too many times.Stay safe…we need you,Joey


  2. This whole mess reeks of adolescence.
    Imagine, if you will, this agenda being discussed by student council & class representatives at Saratoga High and it makes more sense.

    It is highly doubtful the respected leaders would even consider a vote to spend school budget monies on such fantasy. Then again, there would be a faculty advisor there to see to it that they do not cross the line into tomfoolery and embarrass themselves and the legitimacy and dignity of their faux positions.

    The city council has a faculty advisor(s) known as legal council. And the taxpayers are responsible for providing the funds necessary to keep the mayor from compromising the very order she swore to uphold? Sounds sophomoric, at the very least; deceitful and disingenuous at best.

    At the high school level, the student council president would be mortified with such rejection.
    So, where is the mayor getting such chutzpah?


  3. We were educated on the City Manager Form of Gov’t 3yrs ago and the City Voters soundly rejected it…. Pat Kane knows this so his only remedy is to give us this pig in a poke in the middle of the night!……..and by the way just who is this Pat Kane? and why does he persist in trying to foist his idea of Government on us?….


    1. Who is Pat Kane? Good question, Merlin!
      More importantly: What does Mr. Kane stand to gain?
      Things (subliminally) would be a lot easier if his name were Able.
      But that’s another story. (lol)


      1. Pat Kane not to be confused with “Citizen Kane”supposedly is losing his current job(hope not)…..but lucky for us he could walk right into a City Managers’job and he would work under a one year contract hell he could even walk to work!….Other News—Rob Turner showed up unannounced at a Democratic Party meeting and asked to speak to the flock asking for their support on the May 30 vote and to also back his and Mayor Yepsen’s attempt to change the Gov’t……you might think this behavior is unethical but then again it’s good ole’ robbie trying to pull the wool over your eyes!


  4. Thank you Johnny Franck. Good man. Good dialogue last night.
    You are absolutely correct: We are smart enough to turn over the ballot…….and vote NO again.
    We Saratogians appreciate all that you do for us.
    Madigan and Skip were less impressive, but thanks for your votes.


  5. I must agree that Franck was great. However, Madigan deserves equal credit for her stand and comments. She clearly has a good handle on this.


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