Mayor Yepsen To Give Annual State of the City

On Monday, January 30, at 6:00 PM at the City Center Mayor Yepsen will deliver her annual State of the City Address


3 thoughts on “Mayor Yepsen To Give Annual State of the City”

  1. LT.Gov. To introduce this poor excuse for a fraud…unbelievable she’s hoping nobody is paying attention….we are though….millions for trails nothing for infrastructure,now there’s a recipe for success.


  2. The flags on city hall are still at half mast and there is a metal rod danging from the state flag. Been like this since Sen. John Glenn died. Now, that’s apropos for JoJo’s the state of the city.

    Merlin…you’re right on target. And let’s get rid of those stupid, demeaning poor boxes on Broadway!


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