MM Adventure Continues

All pumped up. Wearing my grey pussy hat and our pink Statue of Liberty NY hats. Michele Madigan, Fran Mathiesen, Eileen Finneran, Susan Kirby-LeMon (my cousin), Vicki Clark (my mom), Linda Gibeault, Gayle LaSalle, Cheri Monaco.
And More Fun! (Fran Mathiesen On Right)




The commish and her mom


8 thoughts on “MM Adventure Continues”

  1. Madigan exposes herself? Commissioner Madigan, allowing herself to be identified with such an extreme-polarizing action speaks volumes. She is representing the City of Saratoga Springs, NY and not the Saratoga Springs High School Student Council. She knows better & the responsibility of said office demands that she carry herself accordingly. This is not in keeping with the character of the office for which she serves. Shame on her.


    1. Justin – seriously??? She doesn’t have the right to express herself? Or Eileen or Fran? They are women who are supporting women’s rights, and they have EVERY bit the right to do so!!!


    2. I agree with Justin, but for a different reason.

      This blog is a media outlet. John, you receive and have posted press releases from MM. The readers and other media outlets assume that the pictures posted are of an official nature associated with her official position as Commissioner of Finance for the city of Saratoga Springs. The New York Times can quote this blog as a media source close to MM that posted pictures of MM representing Saratoga Springs.

      If you are doing something as a private individual and are the commissioner of anything do not send pictures to the media outlets unless it is an officially sanctioned event. This is posted to gain campaign points with voters like me, “I represented Saratoga at the woman’s rally when the Mayor refused to.” It will not work.


      1. Paula:
        When I heard that Michele Madigan was going on one of the buses with her mother, I approached her about taking pictures and reporting. I thought it would be fun to have a local angle on the march in Washington.

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  2. Kudos to Commissioner Madigan and everyone else who participated in yesterday’s marches around the world for having the courage to stand up for their convictions. Ms. Madigan is definitely not one of those all talk and no action types that’s for sure! Good for her!

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  3. Hey folks!
    For better clarity, please read what Katie Hopkins (Daily Mail UK) had to say about the march:

    AND…thanks for your support, Paula.
    Sorry for the brashness, DMorris. And Mr. Levy, there is a responsibility that comes with any custodial position of high trust.

    Imagine seeing your daughter’s local elementary school principal, obviously inebriated while dining out one evening? Or how about running into the mayor, exceeding the limit while not on official business at the Polo Club?

    When are they NOT representing their position or duties?
    Is there personal time? How about seeing your kids scout leader, leaving a restaurant like a drunken sailor? None of this bothers you? Persons in positions of trust should be held accountable for their actions, period. Am I expecting too much?

    The Women’s March was not a fun, free-for-all day for the masses, so they can use the word ‘pussy,’ without negative consequence, any way they choose. Why not cat? Why not pussycat? Is the intended definition of the slang, really appropriate? It’s soooo cheeky (sarcasm).

    Imagine a Men’s March on DC proclaiming the virtues of being a rooster? A cock? As in cock fight? The attributes of such testosterone-laden, euphemistic puns, boggles the mind. How about “This cock’s got balls!” (I liked that one. lol) Did you see the signs at the Women’s’ March that proclaimed: “This Pussy Bites!”…”This pussy has teeth!” …Et alia?”

    And where did they get all those knitted, pussycat caps?
    They were about as grass-roots and spontaneous as the Black-Lives-Matter signs and T-Shirts that appeared the very next day after the shootings. Yeah, okay.

    The march was not funny.
    It was political. Very political and very, very white.
    Having one our our esteemed, elected representatives like the Honorable Paul Tonko, meandering around as such, with such a mindless lot of fools, should give you all pause. I suppose Mr. Tonko relates to the “pussy” theme.

    Stalin referred to these people as useful idiots.
    Everybody’s a victim…”I’m oppressed!!” (See Monty Python skit:

    And Congressman Tonko and our esteemed commissioner relate to these people and this “cause?”

    It is interesting to note that Gloria Steinem and Plant Parenthood (of course) were among the many sponsors.

    PPH claims to represent minorities, but where were the so-called minorities? This march was way too white. The real victims were not represented. That would include females in the lowest strata; those without resources or true representation; those caught in the endless loop of oppression.

    When a true cause rises up to help all people; regardless of strata, status or color; then you will have majority support. This was the opposite of an MLK rally about content of character. It was about aimless victimization without just cause.

    And to Straight Shooter:
    Protesting is not the same as actually taking action. You sound like the kind of citizen that would gleefully sign a petition rather than actually invest time and materiel and volunteer (oh, that nasty v-word), for something. Go find a sign & stand on the corner of Broadway and join the club, eh?

    In closing, I bet most would appreciate seeing our local leaders pitching in at the Soup Kitchen or the Salvation Army. And for heaven’s sake, we should stop encouraging our leaders to blindly follow populist causes for novelty sake…they should define their own cause and lead by example!

    And while we’re at it (I’m on a roll here…) get rid of those stupid poor boxes on Broadway!
    It is way easier (and way more profitable) to get businesses to underwrite programs, than to guilt-slap the general public into compliance for their otherwise failing, socialist programs to nowhere.

    The adventure continues, for sure.
    Can’t wait for the next city council meeting.



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