Michele Madigan’s Great Adventure: Women’s March

Waiting For The Bus
Michele on left. Eileen Fineran on right next to Fran Mathiesen

[JK: I asked Michele Madigan to post me pictures and stories regarding the Women’s March in D.C.]

They left at 11:45 this evening on a bus to D.C.  She is traveling with her mother.


3 thoughts on “Michele Madigan’s Great Adventure: Women’s March”

  1. In 1911 my grandmother marched for woman’ssufferage, today her great grand daughters are marching for woman’ right. In the sixties and seventies I marched with them against Vietnam,civil rights,and, passed out literature covering theERA,and various elections. And went
    With me still in diapers on marches to DC.
    None felt this was a grand adventure. This was doing our civic duty resisting what we believed were opponents to our rights and the rights of others.
    A grand adventure fur any of us would be a bus ride to Chicago to see the Grateful Dead.

    I do not disparage any positive civil action,however one must think serious about how the message is received and by whom

    As an aside, I was most disappointed not to participate due to ill health.


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