President of Skidmore Criticized By Skidmore News



I was amused to read this story in the Skidmore News regarding comments made by Skidmore President Glotzbach at the December faculty meeting.   He told the faculty that “I am glad Skidmore is not located in that red region…that voted very differently. [Saratoga County went for Trump]”

While this was not as incendiary as the president of Hampshire College taking down the American flag for a week, it was not the kind of statement that students and faculty who may have supported Donald Trump would have experienced as “inclusive.”

The article went on to raise the variety of violations in protocol in his statement.

While I consider his comment as hardly revelatory coming from an official from a college like Skidmore, it serves to show how even the most off the cuff remark can generate heat in our country’s volatile environment.



One thought on “President of Skidmore Criticized By Skidmore News”

  1. The Donald has lived a life “on the edge”.
    He is accustomed to conflict, negotiations, making offers someone can’t refuse, exaggerating the truth, tension and conflict……just to name a few of the things he apparently thrives on.
    But the average Joe and Jane, are not as eager to live that way.
    I think that before the election results, and since the election, stress has come to sit with us at our breakfast table, and all throughout every day. Stress is not good for people. Especially the seniors who are not liking it at all.
    I do not have the answers, just remember the old Irish saying ” every dog is bold, at his own house door.” When he goes to Washington DC, he will no longer be in his own house.


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