Another form of government for Saratoga Springs?

The Saratoga Springs Charter Review Commission is expected to vote Tuesday on whether to draft a new charter with an alternative form of government for the city. If the Commission decides to propose a complete change in the city’s form of government it will be the third time such a proposal has been made in the past ten years. All recommendations made by the Commission including a proposal for a new form of government for Saratoga Springs would have to be approved by voters. The last two proposals to change to a strong mayor form and then a city manager form were voted down. The meeting begins at 7PM in City Hall. It will be webcast live at

One thought on “Another form of government for Saratoga Springs?”

  1. There is no outcry from public to change this form of gov’t,the 11 people yepsen chose want the change because yepsen does…might be time to start transitioning yepsen out the door she wants more power and alot more money!


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