Ethics Board Fails to Properly Post Meeting…You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

I received an email from Justin Hogan today.  As you will see, in his email he advises me that the time of the meeting, as stated in the agenda for his board posted on the city’s web site, is wrong.  He notes that the correct time is a half hour earlier and that it is posted on the city website’s calendar.  The problem is that if one click’s on the calendar option on the website, all the other meetings of city board’s are listed but not the Ethics Board.

I think the documents below pretty much speak for themselves.  I would make just one additional observation.  Mr. Hogan refers to the proposed amendments to the city’s code of ethics as my (as in John Kaufmann’s) document.  In fact the amendments were drafted by myself, Jerry Luhn, and Geoff Bornemann in consultation with Commissioner Mathiesen and they were submitted to the Ethics Board for comment by Commissioner Mathiesen.  <Link To The Proposed Amendments>

From:    Justin Hogan []

Sent:     Wednesday, December 07, 2016 1:34 PM

To:          John Kaufmann

Cc:          jerry luhn; jerry luhn; Geoff Bornemann; John Ellis; Marilyn Rivers; Brendan

Chudy; Tony Izzo

Subject: Re: Ethics Code

Mr. Kaufmann,

Yes, the board will be reviewing and discussing your submission. General discussion regarding your submission will be open and like any other submission or inquiry if the board seeks legal guidance from counsel those discussions will be closed.

Also, as a point of clarification, tomorrow’s meeting is at 5pm in City Council Chambers (5pm is the stated time on the city web site).  Typically our meetings begin at 5:30 and tomorrows agenda states 5:30. However, I was made aware today there is a scheduling conflict and will need to begin at 5pm.


Justin Hogan

[My original email] On Dec 4, 2016, at 9:01 AM, John Kaufmann <> wrote:

I see that you have posted an agenda for a meeting of the Ethics Committee for December 8.  The agenda is rather vague.  Do you plan to take up the proposed changes in the city’s ethics code as sent by Commissioner Mathiesen to Tony Izzo?  If so, will the discussion of the proposed changes be held in executive session or open to the public?

My response to Mr. Hogan

From: John Kaufmann []
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 9:03 PM
To: ‘Justin Hogan’
Cc: ‘jerry luhn’; ‘jerry luhn’; ‘Geoff Bornemann’; ‘John Ellis’; ‘Marilyn Rivers’;
‘Brendan Chudy’; ‘Tony Izzo’; ‘Joanne Yepsen’; ‘Michele Madigan’; Christian
Mathiesen; John Franck (; ‘Skip Sciroco’; ‘Joseph
Subject: RE: Ethics Code

Thank you for advising me of the correct time.  Many people rely as I did though on the agenda posted by the boards to check on the time, date, and place as well as what issues the boards will address.  I just went up on the city website and found that the incorrect time is still on your agenda.

Worse, if you go to the calendar page of the city website, you will see that while all the other boards show their date and time, there is no listing for your board at all.  The only way to find the correct time would require that a person clicked on each date in the calendar to see what meetings are occurring.  Since your board does not meet regularly there would be no reason for someone to assume that there was a meeting this month and go through the laborious process of clicking on each day to try to find it.

It’s a little late now but you need to contact whomever is responsible for the city’s calendar to fix this along with the agenda.

Given the history of the Ethics Board’s problems with open meeting compliance the failure to properly post the time of this meeting in an accessible way is quite problematic.

Image of city’s calendar page for December


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