Joseph Levy Runs For State Senate

Our very own Joseph Levy is running for the New York State Senate on the Green Party Line.

Here is a link to the WAMC story in which he debates Republican Kathy Marchione (whose odious campaign against previous incumbent Roy McDonald was based on opposing his vote in support of gay marriage) and the Democratic candidate Shaun Francis. The story includes audio excerpts.

4 thoughts on “Joseph Levy Runs For State Senate”

  1. With all due respect to Mr. Levy, the number one thing to our community is to get Marchione OUT of office. By splitting the left vote, it will NEVER happen. I just don’t get it….. 😦


  2. John, thanks for the shout out! If you haven’t found it already, click on my name to visit the campaign website. It’s different.

    I’d like to also mention this article in the Glens Falls Post-Star, which (to date) is the only newspaper to give voice to my positions, as expressed at the recent candidates forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters. The Post-Star and the Glens Falls Chronicle were also the only papers to contact me directly for interviews or position statements.

    Curiously, coverage of the same event by the Albany Times Union did not even mention my presence (shades of
    their botched article and response on the proposed Finance Office renovation
    ), though the Schenectady Gazette and the Saratogian, while not quoting me, at least said that I was there. Later this week, I have a one-on-one interview scheduled with Lucas Willard of WAMC public radio which will hopefully air between Thursday and Sunday. Besides the Post-Star, WAMC is the the only other news outlet that has given Green Party candidates the time to talk about their views, for which we (the Saratoga County Green Party and I) thank both of them.

    Finally, I have to give a big thank you to the LWV for their inclusiveness, a lesson that the Presidential Debate Commission should take note of.


  3. Love it! Way to go Joe! While some say the writer might not 100% in line (obviously)– doesn’t matter. You’re the man! Hold the powers-that-be accountable. And go Matty Funiciello!!! Keep it local, people. Accountability is where it’s at (vernacular vulgarity not withstanding). G-d be with you dude. Barcuch HaShem–Pax. -JC


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