Ayco Corporation To Abandon Office In City




Ayco Corporation is a subdivision of the Goldman Sachs Group that specializes in services to its wealthiest investors.  In Saratoga Springs its offices are located on Broadway across from Congress Park.

In addition to its offices in Saratoga Springs it has offices in Latham and Colonie as well as offices across the United States.  Employing approximately 1700 employee nationally, they have 921 employees in the Capital District.  In Latham they lease 110,000 square feet.

As reported in the Albany Business Review, Ayco has decided to consolidate their offices.  They have issued a request to developers to build them this facility.  The proposals are due by the end of this week.

While one can assume that employees of Ayco who currently own homes in our city will remain here, the loss of the occupants of such  a large office space is very troubling, especially following the lost of Palio.


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