Appeal of Murphy Lane Stop Work Order Denied

The ZBA voted 5 to 0 to reject Jean D’Agostino’s appeal of the stop work order on her building at 39 Murphy Lane.  The resolution was not available before the meeting.  It went into some detail in responding to her attorney, James Fauci’s appeal letter.

I will post the resolution with comments when it is posted on the city’s website.


2 thoughts on “Appeal of Murphy Lane Stop Work Order Denied”

  1. A proud victory for a neighborhood that was under siege. I forward to the structure being torn down as this is now an issue of public safety. She should sell this thing to the neighbors (maybe they want to band together to buy it?) take the loss and move on to a more financially feasible project, where she can actually add value instead of amisconstrued attempt at a cash grab. I hear Corinth is lovely.

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  2. The former owner of “the barn” must bear some degree of shame. That owner made the cash grab too.
    A bad idea that got badder as time went by.


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