Council Votes to Censure Mayor

At tonight’s City Council meeting four City Council members, with the Mayor abstaining, voted to accept the city’s Ethics Board findings that Mayor Yepsen had violated the city’s ethics code when she solicited business from Saratoga Hospital while they had business pending before the Council. In a second 3-2 vote Commissioners Madigan, Mathiesen, and Scirocco voted to approve a resolution brought forward by Commissioner Scirocco to censure the Mayor and ask the New York State Attorney General and the Joint Commission on Public Ethics to review the actions of the Mayor.

I will be posting more details tomorrow.

One thought on “Council Votes to Censure Mayor”

  1. I watched this meeting and was struck by John Franck’s behavior. He used to be a straightforward outspoken guy who I thought took some very good stands. Now he seems to just follow along with whatever the Mayor does and repeat the arguments she makes however lame they may be. Very sad to see this change in him.

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