Correction On Council Resolution Re Ethics Board

Michelle Madigan is offering a resolution to accept the Ethics Board’s Advisory Opinion.

The resolution to censure is being offered by Skip Scirocco.


11 thoughts on “Correction On Council Resolution Re Ethics Board”

    1. Wrong again “merlin”! You pretend to know so much about Chris Mathiesen. You actually know nothing. If you were as fine a person as he is, you wouldn’t be afraid to sign your name!! I know him and his character, that’s why I married him.

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      1. I agree 1000% with Fran – although I don’t believe I will be marrying Chris anytime soon 😉


  1. Mr./Ms./other “merlin” , apology accepted, however, rather than post negative comments, consider going back to school, get your high school diploma, maybe take a course in etiquette. Perhaps then you won’t be intimidated by strong, intelligent women, such as Commissioner Madigan.

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    1. Wow, just wow Mrs. Mathiesen, does the commissioner know about your shaming and intolerant comments here and how they reflect upon him?

      We all have different levels of education and etiquette training. I suspect you are a fine person of great character and etiquette as is your husband. As such, you understand that we live in a civilised society that values all citizens of the human race, no matter their etiquette or educational training and avoids resorting to education and etiquette shaming on social media.


    2. Thank you Fran. No one controls anyone on the City Council. We do happen to have a working bi-partisan majority that respects each other and works well together. Go figure!! It matters not what some people care to think. You Fran are one classy woman.

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  2. Com. Madigan,
    What is happening with the three of you is NOT bipartisanship. Bipartisanship is where two different parties with two different platforms reach a mutual and respectful consensus/compromise with the result be what’s best for the whole community.

    You have not done that. You have given up your Democratic values and made private deals with the Republicans in order to do what’s best for you.
    This strategy might work in the short term but the end game looks grim.
    The truth always comes out in the end, just like all your redacted emails.

    I have the greatest respect for Mrs. Mathiesen sticking up for her husband. I do wish she would have made different comments tho. But I understand how difficult it must be reading negative things about someone you love. Your husband is a good man with a good heart. He made a mistake here and he really ought to start really questioning com. Madigan. I know it’s hard because she holds the purse strings for his department.


  3. Consider this: Why is your nickname Mad-again? Is it because of the way that you disrespect members of the public during the public comment period? It DOES matter what some people care to think. This is America! You are wrong.
    It is a joke when you say that the council “respects each other and works well together.”
    You need to start listening, and stop berating.


  4. What I find sad here is that people are angry at city officials for bringing forth an issue that was unethical by a sitting mayor. Would you have preferred that they NOT do anything and the unethical behavior just continues on, or like this, where it was (hopefully) caught early before more damage could be done?

    To fault the commissioners for doing their job in an ethical way is beyond ridiculous. I applaud all three of them for this action, and quite honestly am disappointed that Commissioners Franck did not. It is what they were elected to do.


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