Disgraceful Condition Of Downtown Walkway

Readers have contacted me about the disgraceful condition of the walkway that runs west from Broadway to the parking lot beside Putnam Market.  This walkway does not belong to the city.  I have emailed Mayor Yepsen asking what can be done to address this situation (see below – it covers the issue in more depth).  I will post Mayor Yepsen’s response when I receive it.










From: John Kaufmann
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016 4:18 PM
To: ‘Joanne Yepsen’
Cc: ‘Christian Mathiesen’; ‘Skip Sciroco’; ‘Michele Madigan’; ‘John Franck’;
‘Vincent DeLeonardis’
Subject: Walkway

I have been contacted by people disturbed by the walkway that abuts Putnam Market.  For at least a month there have been sawhorses blocking part of the path there (see picture).  In addition, there does not appear to be any maintenance of the area.  The walkway is strategically located at one of the center points of the city but it has been allowed to become an unsightly embarrassment.  Trash has been allowed to accumulate there (see pictures).

I have been in touch with the Public Works Department and have learned that this area is privately owned and is not under the jurisdiction of Public Works.  I understand that the heating system that is supposed to keep the walkway free of snow needs to be
repaired.  I expect that this might be a major engineering project and can understand that this cannot be fixed overnight.  I have learned that the owner does not expect to begin work on this until after the racing season is over.  Whether this is a reasonable time frame, I do not know.  What I do know is that the walkway is dirty and unbecoming of our city.
Has the city taken any action on this matter?  If not, can the city take action to require the owner to keep the area clean and to expeditiously do whatever repairs are necessary to remove the sawhorses?

I know you take as much pride in our city as any citizen of this community and expect that you share people’s concerns that this problem be addressed.    Could you please keep me advised on this and I will share the progress with the people who read my blog.


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