City Hosts Meeting On Making Our Streets Welcoming And Safe

I received this release from Commissioner Madigan.  It looks like it should be a good program.  [Note: The Charter Commission is supposed to meet in the same room at the same time.  I assume that this program will take precedence]


The City Mission of Schenectady has graciously offered to present to the City of Saratoga Springs information about their Ambassador Program on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 7:00 pm at City Hall in the City Council Chambers.  For more information about this program please visit their website at

I believe this group has potential answers and solutions to many of the issues we have encountered in our city … issues our surrounding neighboring city’s have been dealing with for many years. The meeting will consist of a presentation and video by the Schenectady Ambassadors and it is my hope that we will have members of the Schenectady business community in attendance to discuss the many success of this program. Michael Saccocio, Executive Director for the City Mission of Schenectady, Christopher Silipigno, Associate Executive Direcotor and Business and Donor Development for the City Mission, and Jake Bowman, with Schenectady Ambassadors will be in attendance. There will also be the opportunity to meet with Ambassadors following the meeting and time for networking and the exchanging of business cards. It is essential we have support from our business community, residents, Shelters of Saratoga, and all interested stakeholders at this meeting. Please forward / share this information with anyone you think would like to attend this Council Workshop / Presentation.

I look forward to seeing you at this special meeting. Lets work to determine if their existing and successful program has direct applications for the City of Saratoga Springs.

Thank you,

Commissioner Michele Madigan

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