Bonacio: What Did He Know? When Did He Know It?

Here are a number of interesting facts about the proposed hospital expansion and Bonacio Construction.

  1. At the Comprehensive Plan meeting of November 17, 2104, the issue of approving the change of the city land use map to allow for the hospital expansion takes up only four minutes.  Most of that time was taken up by Sonny Bonacio, who instructs the Committee about the area proposed for change and advises them as to who owns the land under consideration.  Here is a link to the video of the meeting The discussion of the change in the map begins at 106:00.
  2. Julie Bonacio and the Director of Operations for Bonacio Construction, Pete D’Aloia, serve on the Saratoga Hospital Care Foundation.  To their credit they have helped raise a considerable amount of money for the Hospital.
  3. BonacioWaterTesting
    Bonacio Construction Letter
  4. In a letter dated August 19, 2015, under Bonacio Construction letterhead and signed by Tony Bonacio (brother of Sonny), neighbors of the Hospital residing on Myrtle and Morgan Streets were advised that, in cooperation with the City of Saratoga Springs, a test involving a city water hydrant would be conducted.  A neighbor inquired of Tony Bonacio about the nature of the test.  Mr. Bonacio offered that as a result of the tests, he would not have any good news for the Hospital.  The land basically sits on rock.  The neighbor told me that he assumed that the tests revealed that it would be very difficult and expensive to run water and sewage in the area.
  5. BonacioAndRendering
    Rendering Linking Bonacio Construction and Hospital
  6. This is a rendering of what was the proposed office building for the Hospital expansion.  Note that at the bottom of the rendering are the logos for Bonacio Construction and Saratoga Hospital.  It is my understanding that the L.A. Group created the rendering but I have been unable to confirm this.  These facts lead to a core question regarding Sonny Bonacio’s role in promoting a material change in the city’s land use map at the Comp Plan meeting referenced at the outset.  “What did he know and when did he know it?” is still a good, probing inquiry when clear answers to unknown questions are sought.  Bear in mind that under our existing Ethics Code, he could have known that the Hospital had plans to build on the controversial site and that they were going to use his firm to build the proposed facility and, as far as I can tell, he would not have been in violation of the code.


6 thoughts on “Bonacio: What Did He Know? When Did He Know It?”

    1. ABM you have your facts incorrect. I did not appoint Pete to the solar committee. One of our County Supervisors appointed him. In addition, he know longer works for Bonacio and did not fill out his term with this excellent City Council appointed solar committee.


  1. Come to think of it, Madigan appointed another bonacio higher up to another important committee: Larry Novak to the rfp technical committee for the high rock lot. She is too close to bonacio for my liking.


  2. ABM, why not be a real brave, stop hiding behind your computer and state who you are. This is Pete D’Aloia, and I was raising money for the hospital long before I joined Bonacio, and continue to do so after I left there. And as Michele pointed out due to a conflicting schedule, I was unable to finish on that committee. I’m sure we’ll hear from you again, in the Saratogian’s Sound Off, we just won’t know it.


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