Interesting Comment On Saratoga Hospital Expansion

I received a thoughtful post on the proposed Saratoga Hospital expansion from Elizabeth “Libby” Smith-Holmes that I am reposting to the people who follow this blog:

As a 20+ year resident of Birch Run, I have great concerns about Saratoga Hospital’s proposed expansion on the adjacent property. The building and its parking lot are all out of scale with the surrounding residential area. The proposed site is prime residential land with beautiful views to the northwest over the gold course and toward the hills in Greenfield – perfect for two or three large, handsome houses, but not for a large office building with a huge parking lot. The proposed project takes the land off the tax roles. Due to its intrusion into the quiet residential neighborhood, would it not be better to explore development along Church Street? Several house have already been turned into doctors’ offices; this would not only be closer to the hospital, but more appropriate for development. Large buildings with some parking garage space would be feasible.There is also room in the Care Lane development, just down the road. And 1 West Avenue has rental space available, according to the signs. I am a supporter and contributor to the hospital – it is a fine institution that is always improving. Bit please, planners and hospital officials – rethink your options before making a very large mistake!

One thought on “Interesting Comment On Saratoga Hospital Expansion”

  1. OPPOSIITE THE HOSPITAL ON Church Street there is a small building on a fairly spacious lot abutting the golf club. That building has an odd front which does not fit its original construction. It would help the appearance of the neighborhood to remodel that building and allow the spine doctor using it now to share space with other medical offices which the hospital seems to need. On the other corner of Myrtle and Church is an empty lot which could also be used for office space or parking spaces. Then whatever remaining space the hospital needs could be addresses at 1 West and on Care Lane. Margie Van Meter

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