Two Good Stories From Saratoga Today

Saratoga Today is a fun little newspaper.  There are two stories in recent editions that are particularly worth checking out.

The first is excellent coverage in this week’s paper of the proposed expansion by Saratoga Hospital.  To Mayor Yepsen’s credit she has asked the hospital to formally respond to issues raised by the neighbors.  The expansion requires a Planned Unit Development which must be approved by the City Council.  Saratoga Today  has not posted this story on their web site yet so pick up a copy of the paper.  The title of the story is “Saratoga Hospital Hopes to Own, Not Rent,” on page 8.

The other is a story of our own little Great Gatsby, “Mega-Mansion up for Auction,” which appeared in last week’s edition.  A grotesquely excessive home built by the head of a financial company who pleaded guilty to fraud in 2003 is up for sale.  Does it get any better?  Does it get any worse?  Link To Story

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