City Council To Venture Out To Meet On Moore Hall Project

The City Council will be meeting on Saturday morning at 10:00 at Empire State College’s auditorium at 2 Union Avenue.  The subject of the meeting will be the Bonacio proposal for Moore Hall.  The City Council invited Sonny Bonacio to attend but as of the Tuesday night he had declined.  I had heard that he was concerned about the attorney that had represented the neighbors being at the event.  I sent him an email advising him that the attorney would not be there but based on his response, I do not expect him to attend.  I am intrigued by his decision not to attend a City Council meeting that will be discussing his project. 

It should be an interesting meeting.   It is common knowledge that the current land use boards are dominated by the real estate industry as a result of Scott Johnson’s appointments during his two terms.  Even though the City Council members are mostly Democrats, it very much remains to be seen how they will respond to what is a potential abuse by the Zoning Board of Appeals were they to grant the variances sought by Sonny.


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