Skidmore Students Very Interesting Study of 2015 Election

Bob Turner is a professor in the political science department.  Last night he and his students presented the result of their finding on the 2015 city elections.  It is well worth reviewing.

Among the highlights of their findings are the decline in the Republican enrollment in our city.  Based on their data, it appears that the independents and Democrats were both the beneficiaries of this development.

It also appears that the two main issues of concern to the voters in the district were taxes and protecting the city’s greenbelt.  They also found that across the spectrum politically, there was hostility to the increasing role of money in elections.  This relates to the establishment of the super PAC and the failure of most of their endorsed candidates to win office.

There is a whole lot more in the study which is linked to here.

They have broken it up into several parts so you need to access them all.  Also Dr. Turner indicated that they would try to provide a link to the video of last night’s presentation.

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