More Moore Hall Developments: Neighbors Score Victories at Tuesday Night’s City Council Meeting

At the Tuesday night City Council meeting, Commissioner Mathiesen laid out the general issues regarding the Moore Hall project.  He recommended that the Council have a workshop to seek input from the neighbors and the developer.  Interestingly, it was John Franck who offered that it be done in the neighborhood.  He noted that during administration of Val Keehn, the Council had a number of meetings in different neighborhoods in the city.  There was no opposition to having the meeting, and it was tentatively scheduled for the morning of the first Saturday in December .  That would be December 5th.  Some discussion was had over where to meet in the neighborhood and it was suggested that the Council contact Empire State College about a meeting space.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has the Moore Hall project on their agenda for next Monday night.  One would think that they would put off action until the City Council meets with the community.  Only time will tell.

In an important development, the planning staff has determined that the project requires site plan review and approval by the Design Review Board.   The attorney for Bonacio/Higgins, Michael Toohey, had told the Planning Board that because it was a non-conforming structure, it was not subject to site plan review or DRC review.  Apparently his position did not prevail.

The City Council discussion is worth checking out.  Commissioner Mathiesen made a strong argument for the need for the Council to hear the concerns of the neighbors about this important high profile piece of property.  Here is a link to the discussion from the City website.

Link To Council Meeting Video

Select the Public Safety part of the meeting on the left and move the timer to the 19 minute point.


2 thoughts on “More Moore Hall Developments: Neighbors Score Victories at Tuesday Night’s City Council Meeting”

  1. John, Perhaps you could suggest that the City Council meet in the cafeteria space itself in Moore Hall?? Make Sonney clean it up and set up the tables, etc.???


  2. I attended the meeting and was disappointed that only a handful of Moore Hall Neighbors attended this meeting. Lets hope that Mondays Zoning Board gets canceled otherwise Sonny could get his way.


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